Zydeco Road (2013)

Zydeco Road (2013)

Kategorija: Music

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Jezik: English

Director James Fields

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Premiera 2018-06-02 22:24:23

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When a Cajun/Creole musician plays an accordion in the Louisiana bayou, it will set of an infinite chain reaction on the nearest juke joint dance floor. In Zydeco Road the film, the reverberations of the music radiating through dance audiences, is tracked in the farthest west Louisiana parish...Los Angeles. Beneath the Hollywood sign, emerges a free-form portrait of shared musical passion. Dance floor interviews, archival film and live performances all frame the Cajun/Creole music traditions as Louisiana ex-pats and new music fans crowd the dance floor. Zydeco, required by law is to dance until the human spirit is totally intoxicated. The film explores the connected and varied styles of power house Louisiana and Texas players, with West Coast/Louisiana roots musicians all sharing the stage. They shape the constantly evolving forces of tradition and change of Americana roots music that is echoed in the sound chamber outside of Louisiana. You don't just listen to a Cajun/Creole band, you get out in front of it. If you don't have rhythm, you'll find it.

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