Speaking of the Devil (1991)

Speaking of the Devil (1991)

Kategorija: Comedy Fantasy

Trajanje: 95 min

Jezik: English

Director Enzo Barboni

Pisac Marco Barboni (screenplay), Marco Barboni (story), Giuseppe Pedersoli (story)

Premiera 2018-09-30 18:25:03

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Bull Webster is a taxi driver with some work problems on his hands: the Spider Corporation, a giant financial holding company, has decided to buy out his taxi co-operative in order to make it go bankrupt and purchase its land at a low cost. Bull is almost driven to desperation, but then he finds the winning ticket in his pocket to a lottery with the biggest prize of all time: $150 million! With money like that, he can afford to make his enemies eat their plan. But at this point, Bull's future begins to interest those responsible for the destiny of human affairs: Heaven and Hell send an Angel and a Devil to tempt Bull into evil or to convince him to do good. The appearance of these characters in earthly events creates a maze of situations that are amusing, dramatic and full of action. And for once it's the humans, and especially our hero Bull, who come out winning.

IMDB Ocena: 6.3

Speaking of the Devil (1991)

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