Iti Mrinalini: An Unfinished Letter... (2010)

Iti Mrinalini: An Unfinished Letter... (2010)

Kategorija: Drama

Trajanje: 131 min

Jezik: Bengali, Hindi, English

Director Aparna Sen

Pisac Ranjan Ghosh (story and screenplay), Aparna Sen (story and screenplay)

Premiera 2018-06-02 22:24:45

Pregleda 1



Kolkata-based Mrinalini Mitra, with a large number of sleeping pills, writes a suicide note, blaming no one, leaving her earthly belongings to Chintan Nair. Before taking the pills, she decides to destroy all documentation pertaining to her rather colorful past. While going through these, she reflects on her life as an 'Urvashi' award-winning actress, who had made a name for herself with her very first movie 'Rajni'. She also remembers her life in a shanty Chawl with her mother, whose husband had abandoned her, leaving her alone to bring up two children, Mrinalini and Ranajoy. She also recollects on her romance with married film-maker, Siddhartha Sarkar; marrying him in a Mandir, getting intimate, giving birth to a daughter, Sohini, and then leaving the child in Canada to be adopted and brought up by Ranajoy, and his German-wife, Julia Campbell. When Siddhartha refuses to marry her, and instead gets his wife, Maithili, pregnant, she leaves the film industry, and spends more time with Sohini. She then remembers her come-back with the role of Kunti in 'Born of the Son', and her affair with Imtiaz Choudhury, who played 'Karan' in the same movie. She then recollects a traumatic event that had compelled her to consume a large quantity of sleeping pills - years before she even thought of writing this suicide note.

IMDB Ocena: 6.9

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