Foundations of Freedom: What Makes America Different? (2015)

Foundations of Freedom: What Makes America Different? (2015)

Kategorija: Documentary

Trajanje: 82 min

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Director Tom Newman

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Premiera 2018-06-06 00:34:42

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Throughout history, the global landscape has been marked by instability. Nations on every inhabitable continent have seen governments rise and fall, some over twenty times in the span of a century. Yet America's government endures - and has for over two hundred years. Why is our nation the exception to a worldwide norm? What makes America different? America's founders designed a justice system unlike any the world had ever seen. They valued and protected the rights of the individual, even over government agenda. Where did these principles come from? What influenced their distinct ideas on Civil Justice? Where do they fit in the world today? The Founding Fathers warned future Americans against the dangers of perpetual national debt. Thomas Jefferson once said that America must choose between "economy and liberty" or "profusion and servitude." Is it too late for our nation to heed this economic warning? Does the Bible offer any advice for a broken economy?

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