Foundations of Freedom: Manners and Civility (2015)

Foundations of Freedom: Manners and Civility (2015)

Kategorija: Documentary

Trajanje: 82 min

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Director Tom Newman

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Premiera 2018-06-06 00:35:21

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Our Founders understood the importance of manners and civility. Samuel Adams believed that a society's standard of manners indicated whether a nation was on the rise or fall. From the time of his youth, George Washington was schooled in civility. He even dedicated an entire book to Bible-based behavior. What should this mean to Americans today? Have we lost sight of the importance of manners? When it comes to politics, it seems America suffers from an integrity deficit. As devoted statesmen have been replaced by career politicians, Americans have lost a sense of trust in their elected officials. Federal prosecution of public corruption has risen 2,400% in the last forty years. How do we the people restore political integrity in America? History credits American youth with remarkable accomplishments and great responsibilities. Even in adolescence, the young Americans of the founding era were scholars, diplomats, even military leaders. Have we failed to recognize the potential in our young people today? Is it time for Americans to raise their expectations for the next generation?

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