Foundations of Freedom: God and Government (2015)

Foundations of Freedom: God and Government (2015)

Kategorija: Documentary

Trajanje: 82 min

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Director Tom Newman

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Premiera 2018-06-06 00:34:40

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This generation of Americans is taught that our government was established as a secular institution. But the founders believed God was a part of everything, including government. So what are we to make the separation of church and state? How should God and government intersect in today's America? The early American pastor had a reputation as a courageous and fearless leader. In that era, silence was not an option and the word of God was boldly proclaimed as the handbook for life, speaking to everything from morals and values, to public policy and current events. What can we learn from these brave leaders? How can Christians today cultivate a courageous church? Our Founders shared a deep sense of responsibility to care for the poor. But unlike many people today, they believed this duty belonged to churches and individuals, rather than government. Today, many Americans relegate the task of caring for the needy to government programs. So whose job should it be to care for the poor? Who does it better? What is the Biblical approach to public aid?

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