Angulimala (2003)

Angulimala (2003)

Kategorija: Adventure Drama Fantasy

Trajanje: 105 min

Jezik: Thai

Director Sutape Tunnirut

Pisac Sutape Tunnirut

Premiera 2018-06-02 10:09:13

Pregleda 1



Arhingsaka was born in India to a noble family. Despite his noble birth, his horoscope showed to be born under the sign of thieves, and thus was preordained for a wicked life. On his 16th birthday his father sent him to complete his education and Arhingsaka became the teacher's favorite; the other jealous students told the master that Arhingsaka was flirting with the teachers wife. Deciding to punish his former star pupil, he told Arhingsaka : "You have almost completed your training; there is just one thing left to do. Once you finish your life of suffering will be over, and you will become a Bodhisattva. You must single-handedly kill 1,000 people" Arhingsaka changed: once he was bright and his mind light; he was tall, handsome and muscular. Now he turned grim and ugly, hunched over and plodding. He no longer laughed or spoke and he haunted the forests like a wild animal. He endeavored to complete his task, until an enlightening encounter with the Buddha halted his bloody quest. His new name, Angulimala, meant "garland of fingers", which he wore around his neck.

IMDB Ocena: 6.6

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